Terms and Conditions

1. Terms

By booking a course with Adventure Freedivers you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of service, all applicable laws and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If you do not agree with these terms, you are prohibited from undertaking a course or training with Adventure Freedivers.

2. Cancellation policy

2.1. Cancellation by Adventure Freedivers

If a trip is cancelled because of any unforeseen circumstances (such as but not limited to bad weather, etc.) the Client can either choose to accept an alternate trip of equivalent value and standard at a later date (subject to availability) or a total refund minus any charges incurred.

2.2 Cancellation by the client

The Client has the right to require some changes or the cancellation of the booking and has the right to get refunded the paid amounts, either total or partial. The advance payment may be non-refundable after cancellation if any costs had already been sustained or if the cancellation occurs within 15 days prior to the beginning of the course commencement.

No refund will be issued by Adventure Freedivers if any activities couldn’t be accomplished nor if the course is shortened due to reasons beyond its control.

2.3 Cancellation due to COVID-19

When booking on to a course or any activity with Adventure Freedivers during the COVID-19 pandemic you are agreeing to and accepting the risks associated with booking during uncertain times, including financial risks. The health and safety of our instructors, students and participants is Adventure Freedivers' main priority and Adventure Freedivers will regularly and continually monitor the COVID-19 situation in all areas that we operate and all locations.

Adventure Freedivers adheres to COVID-19 local guidelines and has the right to make any changes or cancellations to all activities if it is believed there is any risk to the instructors or to the participants. Adventure Freedivers has also the right to make any changes or cancellations they deem necessary based on government advice and as restrictions continually change and are updated. Adventure Freedivers cannot be held as responsible for any governmental restriction changes occurring after booking.

If the Client has no other option but to request a booking cancellation due to last minute restrictions from the departure point / to the final destination, the Client shall contact Adventure Freedivers as soon as possible to do so. Adventure Freedivers will then assess the reasons of the cancellation and may refund the advance payment (except for expenses that have already been sustained) or offer an alternative date if possible for both Adventure Freedivers and the Client.

3. Inclusions & exclusions

3.1 What is included in the price

1x Freediving course

3.2 What is not included in the price


Required rental equipment

Instructors / crew gratuities

4. Additional services and extra equipment – extras

Additional services and extra equipment for which an extra payment shall be done (stated as Extras) in accordance with the provided Price List should be requested by the Client and agreed prior to booking confirmation. The Client may ask for adding some Extras even after the booking confirmation and Adventure Freedivers will undertake reasonable effort to provide the newly requested Extras to the satisfaction of Client, informing the Client if it is possible to add the requested new Extras or not. The Client acknowledges that Adventure Freedivers is not obliged to provide newly requested Extras at that point in time. At the latest, all Extras must be confirmed by both sides in writing not later than 14 days prior to the beginning of the course.

The Client acknowledges he is fully responsible of the Extras he has been provided with. If any damages or losses is caused by the Client, the Client agrees to fully reimburse the costs of the repair / replacement of the items.

5. Bookings

The booking will be confirmed by booking confirmation that will be issued to the Client upon receipt of the full amount of advance payment on Adventure Freedivers' bank account.

Minimum age to participate to the activities is 12 years old. Children aged 12 and over are allowed to participate only if accompanied by a parent. Parents are fully responsible for children at all times.

5.1 Changes and modifications to the booking

If the Client wishes to change its booking (for a later date or a different activity offered by Adventure Freedivers), after the original booking has been confirmed, Adventure Freedivers will assist it when possible. However, such alteration is subject to availability and may require additional charges.

Re-scheduling of any sessions can be done for a 75AUD fee unless otherwise mutually agreed upon.

No refund will be issued if the Client fails to arrive. However, if Adventure Freedivers can accommodate by modifying the schedule and still keeping it, this should be agreed upon with each party and other participants at the time of the booking. Extra charges may apply.

6. Liabilities

6.1 Liability of Adventure Freedivers

Adventure Freedivers shall arrange and conduct a course as agreed with the Client and as stated on the signed quotation / invoice sent to the Client. In case of any special or additional requests of the Client (e.g. adjusted times, longer sessions, special needs, extra activities, etc.) Adventure Freedivers shall try to resolve them to the satisfaction of the Client, but the Client acknowledges that this is not a liability of Adventure Freedivers, and cannot ask for remuneration if such special requests were not fulfilled or were fulfilled only partially.

Adventure Freedivers is not responsible for delays or cancellations caused by unforseeable circumstances (such as but not limited to earthquakes, floods, thunders, fire, other natural calamities, wars, civil wars, terrorism, strikes, sanitary emergencies, political or economic disputes, government restrictions etc.) or by severe weather conditions that would cause any safety risks to anyone during the course.

Adventure Freedivers assumes no responsibility, and/or offers no compensation for injury, death or damage occurred to clients, damage, or loss to the Client’s property (luggage, dive equipment, personal belongings, etc.) during the course that does not directly involve its instructors. Adventure Freedivers will, however, help the Client with insurance claims for the lost or damaged goods when possible. .

Adventure Freedivers shall also be liable:

to provide skilled and professional instructors,

to have all required licenses for conducting freediving courses,

to undertake all safety precautions in order to keep the instructors and the guests safe at all times,

to freedive respecting the ocean and weather conditions

6.2 Liability of the client

Other than what was already stated in these terms, the Client shall also be liable:

to promptly inform Adventure Freedivers about any possible changes in his / her personal data or important health-related information,

to obey the instructions of the instructors at all times,

to fully respect legal regulations of the host country,

not to engage with fishing or any other submarine activities without a valid license for such activities,

not to use or possess any illegal drugs while undertaking the course

In case of breach of the clauses above or other obligations of the Client and its guests based on these Terms, Adventure Freedivers is entitled to claim indemnity for full incurred damage.

Adventure Freedivers reserves the right to deny or forfeit a Client’s participation to a course if at any time the Client displays abusive, inappropriate or threatening behavior towards another guest or instructors. Please do not participate in any freediving / water related activity after alcohol consumption.

7. Governing Law

These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New South Wales, Australia and you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in that State or location.