Explore the ocean on one breath

Harness the power to change your life
Come for some fun, leave empowered

Freediving has been a complete game changer in our lives. We want to show you how it can empower you in your everyday life too!

We have spent years on our own development, a ridiculous amount of our lives underwater, and never ending months creating the best student experience.
Diving with Adventure Freediver's is more than just doing a course. It's building skills and learning techniques that carry across positively into other areas of your life.

We are well known for our level of safety, personal and individual approach, support and transparency. Our flexibility and experience allows us to cater to and factor in respective needs across all levels. Our mission is to positively impact all the lives and paths we cross and share our love for freediving with everyone who is interested.

Starting off in the Caribbean where there was a flourishing freediving community, we moved to Australia in 2019 to help grow the freediving community back home.
Wollongong local Maxine, was excited to move her school back home to teach courses in the exact same dive spot that she learnt in and grew up diving as a child!